Fans Troll Messi On Barcelona’s Goalless Draw Against Sevilla

When Lionel Messi scores, he is the greatest of all time, the alpha male, the god of football, the king, he’s from another planet, in fact, he is football himself. When Barcelona doesn’t win, or Messi fails to score; he is toothless, he is not the best, he is scared to top teams or can’t score them. Fans always have Messi to blame for the success or failure of Barcelona.

Messi is not the only one who get criticized when his team doesn’t perform as Juventus talisman; Ronaldo also have those name calling days.

Since the resumption of football in Spain, Barcelona have done well to sit above their local rival, Real Madrid. Barcelona who drew away from home to 3rd place Sevilla have faced a lot of criticism from fans and most especially Messi.

Messi is the first to take the blame when the team fails to score and also when the team fails to win. Moreover, football is a game played by 11 players on each part of the filed, so why is Messi or Ronaldo always the pun?

Here are reactions from fans after Barcelona filed to win Sevilla:

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