George Floyd’s daughter offered full scholarship to Texas Southern University

On the day George Floyd was laid to rest, Texas Southern University announced it would give a full scholarship to the 6-year-old whose father’s death in custody has spurred global demands for an end to police brutality.

TSU’s Board of Regents, with its foundation board, “has approved a fund to provide a full scholarship for Floyd’s beloved daughter, Gianna,” the university announced in a social media post.

“TSU’s executive and academic staff will prepare a place for Miss Floyd if she wishes to attend the University.”

George Floyd was born in North Carolina and grew up in Houston, where he graduated from Jack Yates High School in the shadow of TSU.

Floyd later moved to Minneapolis, where he died on May 25 while detained by police.

Floyd’s funeral took place Tuesday in Houston.

His family was joined by relatives of other black people who lost their lives at the hands of police.

Floyd was buried next to his mother, whom he called for as he was dying.

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