“Girls should stop dressing provocatively, it seems they can’t do without skimpy wears”- Mama Gee

Nollywood actress, musician and Pastor, Patience Ozokwor who is also known as Mama Gee, has lent her voice on the trending rape saga in Nigeria as she called on the movie industry to ban any actor guilty of the act.

Speaking to Sunday Scoop, Patience said, any actor found guilty should be banned from the industry as she believes they cannot represent the industry.

“Any actor found guilty of rape, should be banned, yes because they cannot represent us as an industry. The guilds in the industry have disciplinary committees and they won’t allow such people to stay.” Patience said.

According to Patience, it’s a shame to her whenever she hears of such unspeakable act as she believes actors have the ability to talk to the opposite gender and they will follow them. Patience also advised the female folks to stop dressing in a provocative way as she feels they cannot do without wearing skimpy clothes.

“Girls should stop dressing provocatively. It seems like they can’t do without skimpy wears. That was one of the reasons I shut down my boutique.” Patience said.

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