“I Am Proud to Announce That After Today, I’m No Longer a Facebook Employee”- Man Fumes

Equality is the quality or state of being equal. It can also be seen as the state of having the same rights, social status not just in our skin color or work place, but also in our daily life and the way we treat people. A Facebook employee took to his twitter page to state his reasons for resigning as a worker for the organization.

According to the employee who is known as Owen Anderson, clearly stated, he was no longer in support with the policies and values as it favors people of high social standards and disregards those who they felt are of low standard.

“I am proud to announce that as of the end of today, I am no longer a Facebook employee.” Owen Tweeted.

Owen Anderson is not the only employee about to resign from the organization, as one Timothy J. Aveni took to his Facebook account to share more light on why he wants to resign from his position as a software engineer.

“I’m scared for my country and I’m done trying to justify this. My last day will be June 12th. If you have contacts in the San Francisco Bay Area looking to recruit a software engineer, please DM me” Timothy wrote.

Here is his full message on why he’s resigning:

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