If You Love Your Boyfriend, Cheat On Him – Lady Advises

When it comes to relationships, why do spouse cheat? This is an argument that will forever have diverse of answers as humans tends to agree differently when it comes to relationships and matters of the heart. Like the saying, “One man’s food is another’s man’s poison.”

A social media user(Instagram) identified as Sophie Sweet has shared her own thoughts when it comes to cheating as she advises ladies to always cheat on their man that it helps keep the relationship and spices it up.

Sophie said, cheating is very necessary for girls in a relationship as it makes the an adore them more. According to her, girls should stop being loyal to their spouse rather they should cheat on them if they value the relationship and want to keep it.

This is not just a girl issue alone as guys have also been accused of not being faithful countless of times, so the question is; Is cheating on someone you claim you love the best answer in keeping your relationship?

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