I’m Not Hiding Like Bobrisky, Says Nigerian Chef As He Shows Off Partner

A Caterer popularly known as Ayo Chef, has openly come out as a Gay in Nigeria, where same sex conduct is banned with brutal homophobic persecution.

Ayo who has been hiding his sexuality recently decided to unveil himself gradually in series of posts on Instagram, in one of his posts the Chef wrote;

I’m boldly coming out as🌈🌈I remove from that shell of afraid The umbrella🌂🌂 stand for queer. It is my lifestyle The life I choose to live

In what appears to be the final unveiling, Ayo Chef showed off his male lover with a video in which they were seen cuddling each other and in his decision to stop hiding, he wrote;

I’m not bobrisky still denying being queer
This is real me I’m queer.

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