Justice For Uwa: “She Deserved What She Got”- Man Boast of Being A Rapist!!

In a time of deep hurt and pain, two Nigerian men have deliberately and decided to put themselves on the spot as they came out boldly to support rape, as one boasted of being a rapist while the other claimed the death of Miss Uwa is good for her in his statement.

The both posts where made on Facebook as one G Love Udenson wrote in vernacular language saying, “I will continue abusing women and nothing will happen. Ladies please try and help us. Stop wearing underwear because it wastes time. Thank you.”

Here is his actual message:

This is coming after the gruesome death of Miss Uwa Omazuwa, the University of Benin student who was murdered inside a church.

The other by name, Livinus Elem said she got what she deserves as he claimed she was double dating.

He wrote; “Good for her why will she be dating two roommates the same time.”

Nigerians on social media have called for their arrest as they believe they know more than what they have said.

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