Kaduna State gives a report on COVID 19 (Read More)

Kaduna State Governor gives the update on Kaduna State Covid 19.

“Commissioner of Health Dr.@AMBaloni: Kaduna case numbers likely to increase with ongoing active case search in communities in 9 LGAs with Covid-19 infections, targeted testing of contacts and testing of persons who call with symptoms that meet the case definition.

As at 31 May 2020, Kaduna State had 93 active cases out of a total of 258 cases. 157 persons have been discharged and eight fatalities recorded. As part of the active case search, 29,771 households have so far been visited.

Expanded testing would enable early identification of new cases and would help prevent further spread of the virus by getting infected persons to be isolated and treated earlier. It would also provide more accurate data to inform government decisions going forward”.

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