Man Who Abused And Murdered His Sister-in-law In Zamfara, States Reasons For His Actions

Aminu Bala, a 25-year-old of Maradun Local Government Area of Zamfara State, who was arrested for allegedly murdering his brother’s wife, told newsmen his reasons for committing the crime.

Aminu who worked as a laborer in a place where his elder brother, Iliyasu Bala is in charge, admitted to committing the crime when asked by newsmen. Aminu who was sacked by his elder brother over an argument at work, decided to take his revenge out on his brother’s wife because he felt, ‘that would teach Iliyasu a lesson for sacking him.’

When asked how he felt after committing the crime, Aminu said, “I feel sad but I also feel I taught my brother a good lesson for sacking me from the job I had. I know I would be punished for what I did. I couldn’t do anything to Iliyasu because he is stronger than I am.”

Aminu claimed to have been shot in the leg by the Police during his arrest, made it known he was ready to face justice for his actions. After more questioning, it was learnt that, Aminu shares the same birth father with Iliyasu but different mother.

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