See The Huge Amount Of Money Hushpuppi & His Crew Stole!

On Thursday Dubai Police Force released a video titled “Fox Hunt 2” on how Hushpuppi, and nine other Nigerian fraudsters were arrested in Dubai.

According to the documentary a total of 1.9 million people have been scammed by Hushpuppi and his syndicate.

The documentary also reveals that the sum of; 168,780,000,000.00 Naira (168.7 Billion Naira) has been fraudulently amassed by Hushpuppi and his syndicate.

The Dubai police force disclosed that 13 luxurious cars worth 25 Million Dirhams and other items worth 15 million Dirhams were seized from the gang.

From the video, it was learnt that the Investigation team has been on the case for several months and days before they finally tracked down the team to where the arrest took place.

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