Twitter Influencer #OurOnlineFavDoc Finally Responds To Rape Allegation. (Read Details Here)

Earlier today, Popular Nigerian Twitter Influencer Dr. Harvey Funmilayo popularly known as the #OurOnlineFavDoc was accused by a lady named Bola Aseyan, for sexually abusing her.

Social Media users went agog by the revelation and criticised Dr. Funmilayo for not living according to what he says on social media. While some other users further questioned the accuser hoping to get enough facts before the doctor is given a ‘social media trial’ just as the case is with many issues of rape brought on the platform.

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However, late this evening Dr. Funmilayo responded to the accusations in a series of tweets, which revealed that himself and the accuser Miss Bola met on Twitter in 2019, adding that the relationship between both of them was never stable, since they had never met each other before.

He further revealed that Bola, who is a practicing doctor in Nigeria, and not the UK, insisted on coming to the UK to visit, for reasons best known to her, as her Visa was initially not granted.

According to him, they had consensual sex, twice. The 1st being after they were both drunk, only for her to tell him the next day she didn’t give her consent to the sex they had.

He then mentioned that he specifically asked her if she was insinuating he sexually abused her and she replied saying NO

In his rebuttal, Harvey wrote on how he accommodated Bola for 4 months in his apartment despite the duo not being in talking terms, and his only crime was him not allowing her into his heart.

You can read his full statement in the tweets below:

Also in a new post she made this evening, Bola Aseyan opened up further on her stay in the UK, giving specific details on how he invited her to the UK.

She stated as follows;


Absolutely None of the pictures or videos of me in the UK were taken by Dr Funmilayo

I PAID 100000% for my VISA FEE and FLIGHT TICKETS To and Fro.
(NB: with MY money)

Due to our previous relationship, he sent an invitation letter to me and my TRIP was meant to be a 3 week Trip with a flexible return ticket. Unfortunately, the lockdown was enforced.

During the abuse, the Air BnB’s contacted were not accepting bookings and movement was restricted within the UK.

I was never a Financial Burden while cohabiting.

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