What Artists Are Up And Coming In 2020?

2020 may not be the best year the world has seen in general terms. But what 2020 does have is a range of insane new up and coming artists that the world will fall in love with. For the rap and hip hop musicians, as times change, so do the types singers who find fame from the genre.

RapTV reported “Rap and Hip Hop music has evolved so much in the past four decades that it’s been around.” The 80s and 90s saw rappers like Ice Cube, Dr. Dre and Eminem pave the way for the next generation. The early 2000’s welcomed the likes of Kanye West and Jay Z as some of the best rappers that ever lived.

And as it goes, it is no surprise that this next decade will see an emergence of new talent with new skills and attributes they will bring to the music industry. While some are still working on their debut albums, others have already had viral success and garnered millions of passionate fans. The one thing that all of these up and coming artists have are that they are all looking to level up and make their mark on the industry. They are all creators, visionaries and extremely talented—all wanting to become the next big thing.
So, as we continue to navigate our way through the most challenging year of the 21st century thus far, keep an eye out on these fresh new talents who are on the track to become legends in the industry.

Kenny Mason

Already a phenomenon in Atlanta Georgia, this rapper became an instant internet star with his singles Hit and Nike II. Each song has a mesmerizing flow and heartfelt lyrics, made even more powerful poise and personality. Not only is this young and talented rapper, he is also a comedian, good looking, and a very hard worker. He will not be a secret to the world for that much longer.

Deb Never

While her charmful personality might scream pop star, Deb’s powerful hooks and honest lyrics make her a force to be reckoned with in the hip hop world. She has already worked with some of the best in the business as part of the WeDidIt Collective and rocks an emo-persona on stage. 2020 is certainly going to be her best year yet.


This Howard University graduate had plans of being a neuroscientist. But fate had a different plan in mind, and he has now powered his way through to becoming on the most exciting young rappers of the century. He does not aspire to sing for the fame and fortune. Instead, he wants his music to have a purpose for the betterment of society. We love him already.

Jelani Aryeh

Already a pro at releasing music since his high school days, Jelani has sung songs like “Lavender Love” that evoke a more sensitive side to the rap and hip hop genre of music. Hailing from San Diego, this Southern California boy flaunts his Filipino/African American roots with confidence and is showcasing his individualism instead of following the guidelines of a specific genre.

Baby Keem

This youngster has already stolen our hearts and he is just getting started. Born and raised in Las Vegas, he has already released three singles, the most well known being Die For My Bitch. Having already experienced success at having hit records, he has also completed his first headline tour, where audience members included A$AP Rocky and Drake—both keen to check out who this newcomer really is. Not even 20 years old, Baby Keem is certainly one of the most promising up and comers of this decade.

So watch out 2020. You might have been able to cancel a lot of things this year. But you cannot cancel talent. These new up and coming artists are going to turn this year around!

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