ATM Issues: Face mask and Face Shields can cause failed ATM Transactions – Banks

In a time when face mask and face shield is one of the most worn and sold commodity in Nigeria, due its recommendation from the Federal Government and the NCDC, which is very important to halt the spread of the current pandemic. Banks have advised customers to remove it when carrying out transactions through Automated Teller Machines (ATM).

According to gathered information’s, it was revealed that some banks have installed face detection features, which can prevent an ATM from dispensing cash if it’s unable to recognize the face of the user.

“Fidelity Bank ATM machines have face detection features installed to curb incidences of fraudulent ATM withdrawals. However, we advise that you remove your face mask while carrying out ATM transactions to allow the ATM properly recognize you.” Fidelity Bank says.

Banks always advise customers to always wear their face mask when entering the banking hall but this latest information doesn’t not change the current procedure as it is only meant for those making use of the ATM.

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