“Don’t Be Hushpuppied”- Fake Zenith Bank App Exposed For Trying To Defraud A Customer

The crime rate in Nigeria seems to be taken a different dimension, as fraudsters get wiser, Nigerians get better and smarter.

A fake Zenith Bank Application was caught in the act for trying to defraud a customer off his money by requesting he provides his, account number, and date of birth to help rectify a particular problem from the customer.

Following the arrest of Hushpuppi and his gang by the Dubai Police, Nigerians have been fully aware of what fake accounts and redirection of mails can do when you give your information’s to the wrong individuals (Remember these people are not your siblings and will do everything to wipe your account).

It’s always wise to seek help from a verified bank source or better still, visit any of your bank branch closer to you, to make any complaints or get better information regarding your account if need be.

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