“God will block your blessings if you keep blocking the toilet”- Restaurant Management in US warns

A restaurant in the United States of America, has warned and at the same time place a curse on customers who use their restroom in an inappropriate manner.

The notice which was seen in Finger Licking Restaurant on Bissonet Street in Houston, Texas, reads, “God will block your blessings if you keep blocking the toilet with excessive tissue. Use the minimal amount of tissue and throw excesses in the trash can provided. Use the trash can have provided for sanitary pad, baby diaper and wipes, and hand towel. Management.”

This doesn’t look strange at all, as most individuals are used to abusing toilet privileges when they use toilet meant for the general public. The caption of the notice seems harsh “God will block your blessings”, as a politer word would have been used to pass the same information.

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