Hushpuppi Hires A New Top Rated Lawyer.

Alleged Cyber Crime mastermind, Ramon Abbas AKA Hushpuppi has gotten another lawyer to represent him in California.

The embattled socialite’s lawyer, Gal Pissetzky who is only licensed to practice in Chicago will now be supported by Vicki Podberesky of Andrues/Podberesky law firm based in Los Angeles.

Mrs Podberesky was hired as the local counsel to work with Mr Pitsetssky after Justice Pedro V Castillo of the U.S court in California granted the Chicago lawyer’s Pro hac vice request.

According to multiple media reports, Pissetzky stated that the case against his client is yet to go to court. He said the delay is from the Federal Bureau of Investigation which is yet to provide all the evidence against Hushpuppi.

Hushpuppi was extradited to the United States after him, Woodberry and other members of their criminal circle were busted in Dubai for alleged cybercrime.

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