Lady Shows Off Huge Amount Of Money Recovered From Her Piggy Bank After 6-Months Of Savings

Piggy bank is a traditional means of saving or to store money instead of depositing it in a bank. One of the main aim of piggy bank or money box, is to save those little amount or extra money you get after your daily or weekly earnings.

A social media user, Rosey Emmanuel, took to her Facebook to show the huge sum of money she has saved in her piggy bank, just for a duration of 6 months. According to her, it’s her half savings and she had to open it because the box was unable to contain extra cash.

Rosey who claimed to be an Igbo girl, from Imo State, said they are known for hustling. She encouraged her friends to join the train as she is set to start the phase two of her savings.

“My half year savings, had to open because the box was unable to take more money again. Proudly Imo girl. We can hustle and save for Africa.” Rosey wrote.

It seems Rosey just escaped bank charges of all sort. Congratulations to her.

What do you think of piggy banking? Do you recommend or not?

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