Lockdown: Reopen All Churches Now, Enough Is Enough – CAN

The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) has called on the Lagos State Governor to reopen churches in the state.

Due to the recent pandemic, with Lagos State the epicenter in Nigeria, places of worship where put on lockdown in order to contain any spread of the virus. The Federal Government had in March ordered the closure of religious centers as part of the measures put in place, but CAN has argued that worship centers should eased off the lockdown.

According to CAN, the economy, markets, along with plan to reopen airports and schools, but worship centers in Ogun and Lagos is still on lockdown. “Is it not our members in the places of worship that do go to markets and other sectors opened? Why are they allowed to go to markets and disallowed from going to places of worship? Is it because the marketers cannot contact the virus in the markets and airports?”

This is really a valid point from CAN as the places of worship should be allowed to resume but strict measures should be in place to curb any spread.

What do you think, is CAN right or places of worship should still be on lockdown? 

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