Meet 32-year-old Aboh who committed suicide in the presence of his mother in Lagos State

The death of Aboh Ogbeche, on Friday, has brought shock to the people Lawanson, Surulere area of Lagos State Nigeria, as it was reported that he committed suicide in their home residence.

According to reports, Aboh who is from Cross Rivers State, drank bleach (poured the bleach in a cup, sat before his mother and drank the substance). The main cause of this, is still yet unknown to his mother, close neighbors, and friends who referred to him as a jovial and easy going young man.

It was gathered that, the Mother was shocked by the incident, raised the alarm and Aboh was rushed to a nearby hospital where he was confirmed dead on arrival. Before his arrival at the hospital, he was given palm oil, to drink which didn’t prevent the untimely death of the 32-year-old.

According to a friend of Aboh, who gave his name as Ndifreke said, “The mother has been crying since then. She is in shock because the incident happened in her presence. He didn’t leave any suicide note behind and nobody believed he could do such, as he was a very playful person.” Ndifreke said.

According to reports from the Punch, it was learnt, Aboh drank the bleach substance, and even told the mother, who felt he was joking, only for him to start convulsing after few minutes.

There is no smoke without a fire, as a vibrant young man cannot take his own life without a good reason.

What do you think could have one commit suicide in the presence of their family member?

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