President Buhari Salutes Honest Nigerian for Returning Lost Wallet in Japan

In a time when Nigerian youths are trending mostly for the wrong reason (the Huspuppi saga), it’s a thing of joy when a Nigerian shows the world that we are of impeccable character as a Nigerian doctorate student in the University of Tsukuba, Japan, Ikenna Nweke, returned a missing wallet and credit card to the Japanese police.

According to reports, it was learnt that Ikenna who is in Japan for his doctorate degree turned down a percentage offered by the authorities for is honesty and good character, something most people will accept with open arms.

In a tweet made by Bashir Ahmad, the Personal Assistant on Media to President Buhari took to his official twitter handle to celebrate Ikenna and informed Nigerians that President Muhammadu Buhari salutes him for projecting the values of honesty, integrity and contentment.

Ikenna also got a letter of commendation from the Nigerian Embassy in Tokyo, Japan, as the Ambassador, Professor Mohammad Gana Yisa thanked him for being an example to all.

Here is the commendation letter:

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