Adekunle Gold – “Afropop Vol 1” Album Review.

Popular Nigerian high-life star, Adekunle Gold formerly rebrands the art, as he begins to flash a sparky shine from physical appearance suiting him. Recently, he gets himself a brand new moniker, a tag that have connected his fans far beyond, spreading like wildfire; perfectly designing him and his art anew standard. “AG-Baby” is the fine emblem. His hair on fleek, with his gold chain, earrings and green shades matching up complete, the futuristic star-boy? Apparently he becomes better, brighter then the old man he represented. Although his previous art standard has savored great experience, with classic intensity. His award winning “Sade”, “Pick Up” and many more hit tracks made huge hallmark, count his blessings along with him and you’ll see what “AG Baby” has done, and once more for his recent project.

His hair on fleek, with his gold chain, earrings and green shades

Adekunle Gold’s grown to better act, as he begins to make the best export of fine pure Afrobeat through his rhythms for this project, bumpy African pop exuding through the lovely insulating percussion and polarized  kicks. Combining dancehall hall fusion circumspectly, all for the star-studded project. He’s beautiful wife – Simi would leave no choice but love him up extravagantly, maybe after his winning year might have been over with his 3rd studio project – “Afropop Vol 1”. This time “AG Baby” creates the art in thick tons, exercising his fine dexterity and excellence for making great music. He exposed the art non-cheaply through a 10-track project which makes him an artiste who exports fine executive Afrobeats to diaspora.

The project, infused loving, ‘jaiye’ ‘jaiye’ and exposes his high taste and regard for persona and craft: Emotional attachment and drifts stunting, while he shared the art with happiness on high grade. The project went totally amazing, mission completed – “with a clink of our filled toast glasses” we share cheers together, we say congratulations AG Baby, firstly for successful rebranding and making the credibility one fans can stay stuck to, sit and ready to dine. Beautiful creation – practically one of the best Afropop classic projects coming from Nigerian music industry.

“Dey see me balling they want copy, then I see them I just want be. It’s your Number one dada”. Indeed the recent AG Baby’s looks don’t lack refinement – how you love and want to be like him? His basking goodness with Nailah Blackman, the Caribbean lady star endlessly relished the project with perfection. Bent to opening the finest taste for more vibe. More addiction through magic delivery. Patoranking came through, un-cheap and re-shuffled the essence tilting towards clear putua, the pure Jamaican art. Expressing through a fine dancehall drip which can’t hide on such precious spot. Patoranking has become subject to making the tune wonderful on here. Exquisite creation, a dancehall moment on this project means; a time to dance reckless abandon. Olayinka Ehi, also did marvelous all through the formation of AG Baby’s newness. Smooth cogency, great art they manufactured, laid a successful export once more.

Tekno also did excellent, ringing his alluring vocal; while AG baby relished a fine chorusing “Body no be firewood ooh”. The spot became exceeding lovely, as one can experience a fine excessive addiction on here. Embrace the project richness, you’ll understand what change is all about. A change that’s “something different”, like perpetual and alluring to satisfy thirst – AG baby’s better called a thriller. “Dem dey underrate man, dem don’t know nothing”. AG – Baby’s becoming the new Afro-prince of African music. Let the project speak through you.


Adekunle Gold is becoming a legit exporter of fine Afro-music, as we all can’t deny the fact. Simply for no just cause? Just a taste of this recent album he dashed us all defines the movement and what true rebranding is all about. The race is not to the swift, nor strong but time and chance sits by the corner to reward men equally. All hail the new prince of Nigeria Afro-music. AG – Baby? We hail thee. Cheers! To greatness – Afropop Volume One.

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