Check-out adorable photo of the woman who got abandoned by her husband because of her blue eyes

One of the stories that broke the internet space last month ending, was an abandoned woman and her children that were left because of the colors of their eyes in Kwara state.

According to Risikat, she was born with the natural blue eyes, a trait she passed over to her children. Risikat also revealed that when she was born, her parents were forced to take her to the hospital to check if there was anything wrong with her eyes.

The importance of Education is very important in this case, as if they were fully educated, they will know it’s just genetics of eye color that was taught in Biology.

A beautiful picture of the Risikat and her children surfaced online as they looked well-kept and fed. It’s still yet unknown who is responsible for such transformation, but for now, we will be celebrating their beauty.

Here is the beautiful photo of Risikat and her daughters:

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