Donald Trump Threatens To Ban TikTok From United States.

United State of America’s President, Donald Trump, has threatened to ban popular social app, TikTok, from the United States.

Trump has been threatening to ban the popular Chinese-owned video-sharing app citing national security concerns that the company could be misusing American consumer information.

US officials and lawmakers in recent weeks have voiced fears of the wildly popular video platform being used by Beijing for nefarious purposes, but the company has denied any links to the Chinese government.

Owners of the Chinese-owned ByteDance application, has said that the company stores user data entirely in the US and Singapore and that it does not have to send user data to China. But skeptics point to a 2017 law in China that requires Chinese companies to comply with government requests for intelligence gathering.

However, a spokesperson from TikTok stated that the company is “committed to protecting users’ privacy and safety as they continue working to bring joy to families and meaningful careers to those who create on the platform.”

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