Herbal drinks do NOT “flush system” – Tips For Good Health

Below is a very vital information and shared tips for good health. According to Dr Olufunmilayo YES! Herbal drinks do NOT “flush system”. Except your kidneys have failed you do NOT need anything to flush your system.

The body has a natural system of removing waste products and toxins, It consists of:
•Lymphatic system
•Lungs/Respiratory tract

How each one works will be unnecessary detail here. But just know that the body removes waste products ITSELF.

When you sweat, that’s toxins leaving.
When you urinate, that’s toxins leaving.
When you poo, that’s toxins leaving.
These are natural ways your body removes waste/toxins.

You are NOT a water closet
There is no need to “flush your system”.
All that talk is unfortunate ignorance.

Note: Many of these roadside herbs actually damages your liver and kidneys. If you have any friend/family who is a health professional, you can confirm this.

Many young people end up needing GoFundMe after terrible herbs give them kidney failure and they die from it. Be wise.

If you want your system in good condition, cut down toxins by:
•STOP smoking
•Cut down excess alcohol
•Exercise more
•Lose weight
•Eat more fruits daily
•Take more vegetables
•Drink 3litres of water daily
•Avoid processed foods and refined sugar.

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