“I thought it was war, and that I was going to die”- Nigerian footballer in Lebanon

The actual number of lives lost after the blast in Lebanon capital is still unknown, but over 100 people were killed and 4000 wounded properties, over hundreds are still missing. A Nigerian footballer in Beirut, Ifeanyi Vincent, says he thought it was war and that he was going to die after the blast.

According to gathered information, Ifeanyi arrived at the Lebanese capital in January to purse his footballing dreams as he was arrived for a trials, but was yet to get a contact due to the current pandemic which stalled the process.

Ifeanyi who claimed he lived close to the explosion, said, he was scared of his life and is lucky to be alive as he thought he was going to die.

“I can tell you that I’m really lucky because I stay close to where the blast occurred. We were all confused, as the first thing that came to my mind was, war had started. I was in the hotel and was scared, thinking it was going to sink. Everywhere was shaking, walls and roofs were shaking.” Ifeanyi said.

As at filing this report, it’s still yet unknown the actual cause of the explosion, but the President, Michel Aoun has promised that an investigation would be carried out as soon as possible to bring those responsible to book.

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