Ilorin man allegedly rejects his daughter because she has blue eyes

When we thought we have seen it all, it keeps getting better and annoying, as a little girl with blue eyes has allegedly been rejected by her own father due to the colour of her eyes, as claimed.

In a Facebook share that was posted by Alabi Rukayat Oyindamola, explained the situation of the girl as she claimed is a next door neighbor of hers.

Rukayat wrote;

“I traveled to Ilorin this ‘Eid period and I saw this small girl she lives around my house (Ilorin). Her name is Kaosara she is 8 years of age.”

According to Rukayat, she also has a younger sister Hassanat who is also blessed with the blue eyes. Rukayat went further to say, lack of care and rejection from the father made them to lose one of their sibling.

Do you think it is sensible for a father to reject his family because of something most people crave for? Share your thoughts at the comment section, like, share the article for other to comment, and download our App for more. Thanks

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