“Is like you are stupid”- Last Season BBNaija Housemate Frodd, Lashes out at Omashola For His Tweet

If you’re a true BBNaija follower or fan from the last season ‘pepper them’, you will see a close similarity between Frodd and current ‘lockdown’ house mate Lucy, when it comes to showing some level of emotion.

Last season, Frodd, could be seen crying in various scenarios, something people may now think was a form of appealing to the emotional part of Nigerians. Lucy seems to have taken that title as last season contestant, Omashola has asked fans to make a pick between Lucy and Frodd who cries more.

“Lucy and Frodd who cry pass?” Omashola asked on Twitter.

Frodd who didn’t appreciate the comparison made it known to Omashola as the responded to the tweet via the comment section.

“Is like you are stupid?” Frodd commented.

Omashola who wasn’t ready to be masked in the comment, responded swiftly.

“Mad man, if I talk now you will start crying. Oya sorry.”

In the Big Brother house, any way is a way to survive, just keep entertaining your fans and just maybe, you might stand the chance to win over new fans.

So if I may ask, Frodd and Lucy who cries more?

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