Joeboy Pon Deck: The Lover-boy Afro-popstar Who Keeps Winning Every Young Nigerian Girls Heart.

Joeboy Pon Deck: Lover-boy Afro-popstar Who Keeps  Winning Every Young Nigerian Girls Heart. “Even Your Girl Wants To Dig Him”.

Star-boy Joseph Akinwale Akinfenwa popularly known as Joeboy; is packed with blazing music talents for it seems really special, and fully perfect hand picks Afro-pop tunes and Afro-beats basically. He crosses through them (beats) no matter how deep or width-ful they seem for him, like the case of the  “red sea”, Egyptians and Israelites. He always has a fine love story to line-up on a beat, he “Begins” and surely you’re going to love him up. “I’m beginning to begin to fall in love”. Joeboy’s really practical with his emotions, he makes you feel the same way special. He is really an extra-ordinary one who f**k’s non-stop with Afro-tunes. And it’s basically the ones with fine poppy kicks. He fine tunes with exclusive taste.

He wholly blends with Afro-tunes. Makes them really lovely, and the feel, a special kind like a gift for your “sweet girl” which serves notable, an unforgettable piece he gives while she’s falling in love with the afro-popstar. Of course your woman is in love with Joeboy and she hasn’t told you? Yeah. It’s Joeboy pon deck who mostly relishes her heart with those sweet alluring lyrics, he drips them unto her soul, it magical as she’s wet for him, she want’s him. Joeboy  has this hook which he throws at the female fans, and they’ll get caught up. They’ve all been on his love sting for almost a year now. His love spell’s been working perfect, and your woman, she’s been dying deeply. Ask her, she knows bro. Ask her, and you’ll wonder.

Of course, she’s your woman and Joeboy’s the lover-boy who entraps her through his beautiful piece of art. He often loves to love the ladies through his music, and it’s quite cool when it’s not your lady right? His tunes are really remarkable as your girl has to love them more, still fall for him and want him dig her. She’s dripping. It’s a bait bro. The Afro-popstar is setting a bait for her? He’s out here giving out something too special. Too glorious. But do not mind that, though he is a lover-boy and he won’t get every girl to himself, maybe not yours yet? While his “Baby”, “Oreke”, “Call”, “Beginning”, etc. Are his bait, while they’re quite lovely tracks to reason showing Joeboy’s honesty for great vibes and care for the ladies as there lover-boy. He does his role perfectly, as he’s near to stand the greatest chance to evolve into a true African popstar. He does the delivery differently, encapsulating one very deeply. Un-cheap.  He does it with lituation, its right and your girl won’t let go because the handsome Nigerian lover-boy Joeboy’s always around the corner to give her pure vibes like no other, even you bro. You love him. But you can’t have him dig you. Never! Joeboy’s is the Nigerian Lover-boy and he’s won so many female hearts including your girls own, she loves him in full and can even let you go for him to come through, and you don’t know this? He’s very notable, and she wants to have him to her maybe after he gets down after his efficient deliveries. Call him the “Nigerian lover-boy” – Joeboy Pon deck!

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