Maleek Berry’s – ‘Been Calling’ One Of The Juiciest Afropop Single. See What Berries Do Your Soul. #AfrobeatVerdicts

The popular Nigerian singer, songwriter and record producer – Maleek Berry, has been delivering one of the best fine tunes as African popstar. His tunes got very lovely listen, with satisfying taste to carry on happiness and gladness in ones soul. Of course berries are often juicy, while Maleek Berry’s music is fine juice berry packed.

The smooth feels I got attached after sipping his popular 2017 track titled: ‘Been Calling’, has remained unforgetting after my first instant sip. Yes! It was really memorable for my souls cuisine, and I’ve been practically dwelling in the tremendous goodness. I can’t deny the fact of it’s excessive smoothness, you can’t as well if you paid close attention to the clean classy lyrical experience. The fine sonic lustre, with it’s exquisite mixing and bold mastering experience basically. Omo, that song is an everlasting blessing to place anchor. Well, have you had a taste of berries before? If yes, then the price should’ve been paid for more berries by now, because Maleek Berry’s tunes taste like fine strawberries. Listen closely!

Maleek Berry’s delivery for ‘been calling’ shouldn’t be taken any less. Because it released the feeling of acceptance to my heart, from its pure lyrical construct – establishing no vulgar nor fuck lines. The art was plain and serviced righteously for ones consumption. Now, let’s direct together towards the beautiful sonic essence which describes loving, emotions, and his tripping for a woman who drives him totally crazy with endless love. He cries aloud through his angelic chorus as she locks him to her thick love, allure and enchantment.

“you know I’ve been calling, you don’t wanna answer me.. baby I’ve been calling you don’t wanna answer me.. lady I’ve been calling, you don’t wanna answer me.”

Kept transferring the smooth feeling deliberately, was fine quenching negativity. Bringing joy and goodness, leading through his fine sonic blend which was very constructive, and sounds fine poppy, exuding a practical evidence of his wonderful sonic experience full of distinctive dexterity. Berries are really sweet, juicy and lovely. Taste Maleek Berry’s – Been Calling and feel a more beautiful, and natural taste of strawberries…just like the one you tasted last?

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