Ronaldinho free to return to Brazil after agreeing guilty plea over fake passport charge

The 40-year-old former Barcelona and AC Milan star had been detained with his brother, Roberto Assis, after entering the country with false documents.

Ronaldinho is free to return home to Brazil after five months living under house arrest in Paraguay with his brother, Roberto Assis.

The pair were arrested in Paraguay in early March after using false passports to enter the country.

In April, they were released from prison after lawyers posted a $1.6 million (£1.3m) bail on their behalf, and they were placed under house arrest in a hotel in Asuncion to await trial.

The pair had faced up to five years behind bars if convicted.

Both brothers have pleaded guilty to entering the country with fake passports as part of the agreement. Ronaldinho has paid a fine of $90,000, while Assis has been fined $110,000.

While Assis will now have a criminal record in Paraguay, Ronaldinho will not.

Assis is not permitted to leave Brazil for two years, and must periodically present himself to Brazilian authorities in Rio de Janeiro during that 24-month span.

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