See the cost of ‘Hydroxychloroquine Sulfate’ in a Port Harcourt pharmacy (Photo)

The cure or vaccine for the current pandemic is one of the most sort out information or procedure for scientist at the moment as so many clinical trials for a cure is still undergoing various studies.

Just about a week ago, a Nigerian Doctor claimed Hydroxychloroquine and some other drugs could help cure the virus, something that was earlier stated by the United States President, Donald Trump, which was rejected by most medical scientist.

Since the Hydroxychloroquine revelation, some pharmacies have taken the opportunity to hike the price according to a twitter user, who claimed the drug was sold for N4,200 but now, N50,000 as seen on the price tag of the drug.

“No be Port Harcourt people bring the pandemic. Weeks ago this drug was sold for N4,200, but just 6 days ago Ebus pharmacy Port Harcourt decided to skyrocket it, why use the pandemic to extort your fellows?” Daminbo Eric a twitter user wrote.

What do you think of Nigerians always trying to use every opportunity to extort money from other Nigerians? Share your thoughts at the comment section and don’t forget to download our App.

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