These 5 Signs Mean That Your Boyfriend Is A “Benefit Boy.”

Following the recent trend of “Benefit Boys” around the social media space you will be probably be wondering what it means and how to know if you are dating one as a lady.

However Benefit Boys are actually guys who siphon relief funds being paid to the unemployed people in the United States, most people refer to them as fraudsters or yahoo boys as it is commonly called. See some of them Here.

Benefit Boys can also be described as guys who take advantage of you as a lady, swindle you and most times siphon your money (I mean the Big girls them, lol). They show you love for the Benefits they will get from you, play with your heart and then zoom off.

In this post however, we will show the Ladies 5 Signs That Mean Your Boyfriend Is A “Benefit Boy” especially if you met him on the internet.

Benefit Boys Have Sugar Coated Tongue.

Benefit Boys have a sugar coated tongue, they tend to tell you exactly what you need to hear. They  quick to love up, and he wants to sweep you off your feet without knowing much about you.

Benefit Boys Avoid Questions On Their Occupation.

Another sign to know if you are dating a Benefit Boy is when he fails to open up to you about his personal life or occupation. Benefit Boys avoid this type of questions and try to flip the question on you anytime you ask them.

Benefit Boys Are Always Borrowing.

Benefit Boys are always borrowing, if your boyfriend constantly borrows money for one problem or the other and never refunds, he is most definitely a suspect.

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Benefit Boys Live A Fake Lifestyle.

One other way to identify a Benefit Boy is by the way he lives. Most of them live a fake lifestyle and live flamboyantly like they have the world. But when you check the pocket nothing actually dey. They rent fake houses, take fake photos and they pretend a lot.

Benefit Boys Constantly Ask You For Money.

Benefit Boys always bugs you for money. They always have problems that require money, the problem nor dey finish. Once you observe this in your partner a lot just know he is one of them.

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