NEW ORLEANS - MAY 07 : Majek Fashek performs on stage at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival in New Orleans, Louisiana on May 07, 1995. (Photo by David Redfern/Redferns)

Tribute To Legendary Nigerian Reggae icon: Majek Fashek. (1st, March 1963-June, 2nd 2020)

Majekodunmi Fasheke popularly known as – Majek Fashek, is a legendary Nigerian reggae dub who refines the best in reggae: Alongside fusions which involve so many genre including: Pop, Hardrock, the Caribbean and Salsa reggae, etc.

Late Majek Fashek was one of the leading kings of African reggae music, who’ve generically designed the art in sweet, and adorable flavor all the way from his Nigerian locality. He has succesfully fashioned golden experience with reggae music, and the blends which he designs lovely stripes of perfection with excellent rendation. Fashek’s consistent touch on Reggae tunes is always felt crisp, with his vocal which sounds more like the Jamaican Bob Marley’s reggae rendation, indeed Majek Fashek is legendary and a sip of his tune would express an – intense effect. As a great songwriter, Majek coats a fine tune to crystal brightness, producing the savor of the tune accelerating him as outstanding from contemporaries.

Majek Fashek flares his art from divine direction and message which goes real unfading, and full of truth to conscious listeners. Majek’s tunes most times often creates peace and tranquil for the soul bliss, marking out bold divine connect with biblical keynotes. Fasheke died in his sleep on 2 June 2020, in New York City, from an Esophageal cancer. And his death was confirmed by his manager, Omenka Uzoma, on the late singer’s official Instagram handle months ago. Well we can’t forget Majek’s impact inner our hearts which tells his irreplaceable, a fine true iconic fig. Touching so many lives including mine with his musical trends, and has been housed with several dominating forces in global music scene. Including the likes of, Micheal Jackson, Beyonce, Jimmy Cliff, Snoop Dog, Tracy Chapman, etc…Talking about the impact of his art, you’ll keenly understand how it flows endless stream, full of an edge to edge appreciation on highest reggae distinction.

His musical experience has always geared towards impact, as he has ever posed change in the world his from. Of course, we can rightly position Fashek as one of the prophetic ones who passed on real deep message, full of inspirations passing through his music. What really marvels me the most about Late Majek’s art is the fusion he combines which is real thick, a very radical emblem, very irregular as reggae act. I’m very sure you’re fall in love with his music for various reasons. Following his tracks like, “So Long So Long”, “We Are Not Afraid”, “My Guitar”, “Send Down The Rain”, etc…have Everly spoken of fine courage, unhidden and fearless gut, with slow fury attached towards country revolution. Just like the typically Fela’s craft – which deliberately sparks dominant revolution in African diaspora: Spelling through an edge to edge art of Truth.

NEW ORLEANS – MAY 07 : Majek Fashek performs on stage at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival in New Orleans, Louisiana on May 07, 1995. (Photo by David Redfern/Redferns)

Tribute to the soldier, Late Majekodunmi Fasheke, his prints on the halls of fame cannot be taken so quick and his legacy would always remain depend. Passing from generation to generations. While we hope to see his kind once more? we wave a Good bye – king Majek Fashek. Long live your legacy. The hero of our time.. King of Nigerian Reggae music live on!

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