Adekunle Gold: The Newest Nigerian Afro-pop Thriller.

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Adekunle Gold: The Newest Nigerian Afro-pop Thriller. The Exporter Of Legit Afro-tunes.

Adekunle Gold, the crooner to wave making “Afro-pop Vol.1” project. The one who’ve rebrand the kind of art he formerly dishes, and designed himself a new moniker along the line. The “AG Baby” emblem which comes along his unique Star-boy looks, posed hot, sharp and refined. A special kind of refute radicalism accompanied with his solitary display of amazing dance moves. “Something different” has the lot. As he apparently begins to export fine Afro-tunes. The newly crowned Afro-prince is recently unto Afro-pop and it’s fusion un-cheap.

AG Baby is becoming an Afro-pop elite, we can address him as the new Nigerian Afro-pop thriller. He goes really critical as he exercises rich artistry through outstanding Afro-pop classics. The beautiful bouncy kicks he full takes down, represents a new order of African pop sounds. His deliveries are considered as finished products. He is the newest thriller we should call upon. “Something Different” is really a track to focus; it’s an act of excellence which states the beginning of his recent definition and the full “AG Baby” set-up. While his recent project holds all the proof you seek. He takes us to climax, with bravery he does all the practical definition. “Mission accomplished”. AG Baby is wonderful; full of possibilities, appraisal and very unpredictable.

Adekunle Gold is a thriller; he’s taken us for the smooth ride through his recent project. We wait on the exceeding great results as an unconventional thriller he stans recently. The Nigerian music facet holds too many great superstars on the block, the strides of the greats rails which cut deep into us as they all have the same connectivity when rich blends of artistry comes to play. Adekunle Gold, is not an exemption here. The art he conveys has designing him a spot which he has certainly longed for years. AG Baby has more and I can’t deny myself the fact because, once a thriller a thriller. Make continual proofs and shock them all with extravagant wins–Nigerian Afro-pop thriller, Adekunle Gold. Full of possibilities, appraisal and very unpredictable.

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