Mobile robot developed to help medical personnels combat COVID-19 in Abuja

A new dimension to fight COVID-19 in hospitals and other medical facilities has emerged as students of Glisten International Academy, Abuja developed a mobile robot to perform frontline medical duties in hospitals.

The mobile robot named Mairabot would perform essential medical duties such as acting as an interface between the doctor and patient as well as delivering of drugs to patient.

The mobile robot, Mairabot was presented to the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) by the inventors.

The Executive Director of the Academy, Abba Abdullahi Saida who led the team to the agency revealed that one of the motivations that led to the design of the robot is to reduce the rate at which medical personnel are contracting COVID-19 while discharging their duties.

“This robot is created to reduce the number of physical contact between the medical personnel and the affected patients and this will in return reduce drastically the number of medical personnel that will be affected in the process of carrying out the duties,” he said.

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