“One of the ways tithe was paid, was by drinking alcohol in the place of God”- Daddy Freeze

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One of the most frequent asked questions among Christians is if ‘alcohol is a sin or not’? As the first recorded miracle done by Jesus Christ, was turning water into wine, so why shouldn’t it be the most argued or frequent asked question?

Nigerian OAP, Daddy Freeze have shone light as he claimed alcohol is not a sin but rather drunkenness is. In a question and answer session, Daddy Freeze responded to a fan who asked if it was good for a Christian to sell any form of alcohol.

“There is nothing wrong with selling alcohol as long as you are careful enough not to encourage drunkenness.”

With verses from the Bible, Daddy Freeze explained, “Even the early church congregation was accused by Paul of getting drunk on the communion wine 1st Corinthians 11:21. One of the ways tithe was paid, was by drinking alcohol in the place of God, Deuteronomy 14:26.”

As a Christian, do you agree with Daddy Freeze, judging from the various Bible translations above?

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