See Five Good Things That Will Happen To You In These EMBER MONTHS.  

Hello! Happy New Month and Welcome To September.

Many times we perceive that these EMBER Months, from September to December to be synonymous to mysterious happenings and this keeps many Nigerians on a spiritual edge.

Despite the wave of the coronavirus pandemic that has ravaged the whole world, I want us to know that there is no reason to fear, but hope for the very best in the last quarter of the year.

There should be no cause for jittery, but continue pressing forward in full positivity. Even though 2020 has been rough, tough and heartbreaking, we believe these EMBER MONTHS will be softer, better and easier for everyone of us.

Five Good Things That Will Happen To You In These EMBER MONTHS.

So Here Are Five Good Things That Will Happen To You In These EMBER MONTHS.  

There Will Be A Total Restoration: This is very certain, there will be a total restoration of all things we have lost in the past months and we will begin to harvest the good rewards have what we have sown already.

We Will Be Favoured: We actually believe that God’s favour, peace and goodness will follow us always even till the end of the year.

These EMBER MONTHS Will Be Full of Bliss: From the rising of the sun to it’s setting our heart, life, family, and world will be full of bliss till the end of the year.

Our Hearts Will Find Peace and Love: We pray and believe that God will fill our hearts and lives with His peace and love in these EMBER MONTHS and always.

We Will Be Safe From All Harm: We pray that God will protect and keep us safe from all any harm in these EMBER MONTHS, strengthen us in our weakness and bless us exceedingly.

It’s indeed our months of great tidings and blessings beyond our wildest dreams. Happy New EMBER MONTHS AHEAD! Welcome to September! from all of us at LEGIT9JA.

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