Superboy Cheque: The Newest Nigerian Sensation On The Block Destined To Takeover.

Akani Bamidele Brett, is the Nigerian-Ondo state born sensational singer & rapper who is breaking forth into the Nigerian music mainstream. His brand which is attached with the “boy” moniker serves a unified tag which seem to have partaken the success of blooming stars lately in Nigeria music industry? Super-“boy” Cheque, holds a very close relation to that moniker and his got priceless talents activated as one who tremendously grace eclectic tunes random. The 25-year old, inked a record deal with Penthauze record label, owned by popular Nigerian singer/rapper Phyno. He was signed in February 2019, and has been dishing refined tunes in full measure. His got well established freestyle clips displayed on his Instagram page, got multiple released singles as Penthauze record signee and in between, his also delivered us to his recent 5-track piercing project entitled – Razor EP. According to Cheque in an interview with NET TV,

“I’m the kind of artiste who loves project that much, no matter how small I’m right now or big. I like projects so much and expect more from me, an album is next and many more extended plays.” He boldly says striking his excess love for record projects than just single tracks.

Cheque, is a very radical talented act who fashions sounds that merge like that of popular Mavin records frontline act, Rema. Cheque’s art seems like an upgraded version of the frontline act. Mind you, he does almost the same genre as Rema, but note, an upgraded version he effectuates. He is broadly going mainstream with Afro-pop/AfroHiphop distinctively. Being a very great rapper, awesome freestyler and also an apt vocalist; Cheque delivers tunes in soft manners. He breaks down tunes cogency and reshapes them with alluring styles made to service listeners cravings to feed good sounds. You’ll love him with a different experience because his simply an upgraded version. Cheque’s music essence is crossed on his path, he loves the ladies and describes his vibe and how he loves making bulks, signing out multiple cheque notes and chopping life – “Zoom Zoom.” He made better explanation on a track in his recent project, he titles – “Zoom”. The track sieves an international trap music standard, holds sonic style that’s next to Rema’s last year “Why” track. Well, his got very close rendition with Rema’s artistic cuisine and they’ve got great similarities. It’s a striking resemblance there art got for each other.

Cheque’s art is an outstanding one, it has found him great attention and also has got many elements built around Rema’s art, reverberating an upgraded styli which seems like the present finish touch of Rema’s music. In the-same interview with NET TV. Cheque was able to explain his major music influence, he mentioned Drake, and Eminem which when traced carefully isn’t a faraway course from Rema’s music influencers. The newest kid in Nigerian music scene was Rema some time in 2019, and today we recount a new persona who seem to challenge his mission? Cheque is of course one of the biggest raising stars to have surfaced and his got a glorious future that awaits home. So you should kindly sit, relax tight and watch how the new kid would take over distinctive. He seems destined for this move. He is Super-boy Cheque, the simple representation of Rema’s upgraded version.

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