Ten Popular Products That Have Become Household Names In Nigeria. (No. 6 Is Very Popular)

Several brands have stood out among competing brands/products to become a generic term for a product or service in Nigeria. These brands have become household names in Nigeria, and most people do not the actual names for the product themselves.

In this post we will be taking a look at Ten Popular Products That Have Become Household Names In Nigeria.

Kindly read along!


This was one drink everyone enjoyed back in the days. It was produced by Tasty Time Nigeria Limited, the pioneers of blackcurrant-based fruit drinks in Nigeria. The product has however become an household name for sachet drinks in Nigeria.

2. GALA.

Gala has become a brand name for all sausage rolls in Nigeria. It was produced by UAC Foods since 1962. To show you how popular it has become, buyers and sellers now call it  ‘Original Gala’ to differentiate it from other Gala’s. lol.


Introduced in the 1950’s Maggi seasoning cubes has gained popularity in Nigeria and other African countries, and has now become the generic name for cooking seasonings in Nigeria.

4. OMO.

This detergent produced by Unilever has become a global brand and the household name for detergents across the country.


Produced by Unilever in 1967, Close-Up has become so popular among Nigerians that it became difficult to differentiate between the brand product from its competitors, as the product has become a trademark for toothpaste in Nigeria.


Every noodle in Nigeria is called Indomie. The brands popularity over the years has made it become the household name for noodles in the country. Indomie is manufactured by Dufil Group, Nigeria’s first instant noodles manufacturing plant. They’re also the manufacturers of Minimie Chinchin and Power Oil.

7. MILO.

The Nestle produced beverage has become so popular in Nigeria, and this has tagged it to be the trademark of all cocoa products in Nigeria.


By default whenever you think of a bathing antiseptic, Dettol comes to your mind. Dettol has produced several disinfecting agents such as bathing soap, hand washing soap, antiseptic creams and body wash.


Owned by American company, Super Glue Corporation, Super Glue has grown so popular and has become the household name of adhensives in Nigeria.


This slippers has tried o. This rubber product is produced by popular British company, Dunlop Holdings PLC. The comfortable flip-flop has become a household name for rubber slippers across the country.

That’s all! Hope we didn’t leave any brand out? If we did kindly let us know in the comment section.

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