Checkout the faces of accused police officers by #EndSARS protesters (Photos)

The #EndSRAS protest in Nigeria is taken a different turn as protesters are doing everything within their powers to ensure their words are being heard by the Federal Government as they seek for the arrest to alleged rouge police officers who engaged in harassment, brutality, unlawful arrest and killings.

Just few hours ago, the Vice-President of Nigeria, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo took to his official Twitter page to apologize to the youths of the country and promised that the government are doing everything possible to put the situation on control after pictures of various candle night photos surfaced online.

An International Centre for Investigation Reporting, ICIR, took to its social media page to make a list of Nigerian Police officers, who have been accused by the #EndSARS protesters for murder and brutality of various citizens across the country, with a notable name, CSP James Nwafor among the list.

Here are the police complied list from ICIR, their names and photos:

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