Music Legend, Bright Chimezie shares lovely photos as he celebrates his birthday

Nigerian musician, Bright Chimezie, also known as Ziggima, has taken to his social media handle to share lovely photos of himself and family as he turns plus one.

Bright Chimezie was born on 1 October 1960, and is known for his mix of traditional Nigerian music and Igbo highlife fused with chanted vocals. Born on the same day Nigeria got her Independence, Bright Chimezie will surely be remembered as one of Nigerian great musicians alive.

Bright have used his music to revolutionize the music structure in Nigeria with his lyrics focused on social issues of the country.

“Hello Good people of the world, I am 60 years old today. I feel blessed and I’m thankful to God, the maker of heaven and earth. I’m also grateful to you all. The Ziggima engine still revs.” Bright Chimezie stated.

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