We Can’t #EndSARS They Are Very Important To Us – Frank MbA.

Despite the ongoing #EndSARS protest, Police Spokesman Frank Mba, has insisted that the notorious unit is too important to scrap.

Speaking during an interview on Channels Television on Friday, October 9, Mba said FSARS was formed years ago as a societal response to the challenges of crime that was taking hold of the country.

Describing the unit as ‘children of necessity’, he said the interventions of FSARS saved Nigeria from total embarrassment and restored sanity.

He said,

“If the End SARS movement is a call for the total disbandment of SARS, I will tell you very clearly that it is difficult for any responsible organisation to walk that path taking into cognisance the amount of investment that the government has made in setting up that department and critical role that department is playing,” he said.

Mba also described some of those advocating for the scrapping of the unit as fake people, or people who are benefiting from criminal activities.

Some of those pushing for #EndSARS are pseudo-activists, people who are desperate for public validation, and people who are looking to be seen as social media influencers. These are the people that post fake news,” he said.

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