“Don’t Call Me ‘The Special One’ Again- Mourinho Reveals New Nickname

Tottenham boss and influential Premier League manager, Jose Mourinho has finally put an end to his “Special One” name as he unveils a new nickname which he wants his fans to call him.

Mourinho who is known for his being outspoken when it comes to match officiating, thinks the ‘special one’ name is now old and needs to be changed. The Tottenham boss has been managing in the Premier since 2004, and over that period, he has managed, Chelsea, Manchester United and now is the current boss of Tottenham Hotspur.

The Special One name became famous during his time at Chelsea as he led them various English cup victories and stamped his name, as one of the greatest managers in the Premier League.

Speaking to Journalist, Mourinho said, he would like to be called “The Experienced One” because he is experienced and everything happens to him now in football.

“The ‘Experienced One.’ I am very experienced,” Mourinho replied when asked by journalists what he would call himself now.

“Basically everything that happens to me in football now is deja vu, is something that has happened to me before.” Mourinho stated.

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