Girl seeks for justice after being assaulted by Army officers for not greeting them

A Nigerian lady, Olaide Oluwo, is seeking for justice after she was allegedly assaulted physical by the Nigerian Army at the Sangotedo area of Lagos.

According to Oluwo, she was flogged by the Army officer for refusing to greet them as she passed their direction. Oluwo, also claimed she was verbally insulted by the officer before being flogged.

In a video that was shared, Oluwo could be heard saying; “Because you’re in army uniform and I didn’t greet them. I should kneel down for you, I should lye down on the floor for you, because you’re in army uniform and you have a koboko, I should lye down on the floor and kiss your feet, because you’re God”.

As at this point, no counter report has been made official by the Nigerian Army.

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