“My Bad Mental Health Affected My Music” – Lil Kesh Reveals.(See Details)

In a recent interview former YBNL record label rapper, Lil Kesh has revealed the main reason he stopped releasing music as often as before.

According to Lil Kesh, he was not able to consistently put out music like he would like to because he had a bad mental health issue.

The rapper revealed that he had passed through a state of one of the worst mental health issues and he is still recovering from it.

“To be sincere, I’m going to blame it on bad mental health. So, I normally would not like to share something like this and I would not like to tell anybody the particular cause of my bad mental health but I’ve been there and I know how it feels.

“I know there are a whole lot of people, especially in a difficult year like 2020, in a dark place. And people don’t talk about it so much.” Lil Kesh stated.

“If you are in a dark place at the moment, all those voices in your head are wrong. They are lying to you. One day is gonna come, you’re going to see the light again and you will be worth waiting for.” The rapper advised those going through hard times in the country.

According to the rapper, he has spent the whole time recreating himself, particularly as it concerns his body, mind and soul.

Lil Kesh announced his return to the music scene and informed his fans that he has music for them which would be released soon.

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