These 5 Signs Mean You Are Addicted To Your Phone.(Must Read)

Recent technological developments have caused a rise in the use of mobile devices such as iPhones, Androids, and other smartphones to carry out a huge amount daily activities. Most especially with the easy accessibility to the internet at any given time.

However recent research have shown that over 70% of smartphone owners are always preoccupied with their phones and need to use it often. Hence causing an addiction to these mobile devices.

This addiction have led to an explosion in the acquisition of the newest mobile gadgets the moment it gets to the market.

In this post we will take a look at some signs or behavior disorders that shows that you are highly addicted to their phones.

1. You Phone Is The First Thing You Check Every Morning.

Do you sleep with your smartphone on or under your pillow or next to your bed regularly? So when you wake up in the morning your phone is the first thing you check? Then this means you are addicted to your phone.

2. You Can’t Visit The Restroom Without Your Phone.

If you must take your phone along with you while going to the toilet then you need a therapist because you are already a phone addict. And you to solve this issue before it gets out of hand.

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3. You Lose Track Of Time When You Are With Your Phone.

You are a chronic phone addict if you can spend the whole day passing out time on your phone. This is bad, especially if you aren’t doing anything productive with your phone.

4. You Mindlessly Check You Phone Many Times A Day.

Do you unconsciously check your phone several times a day even for the least important actions or even when you know there is likely nothing new or important to see? Then my dear you need to consult a therapist because you are a severe phone addict.

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5. Your Smart Phone Decreases You Productivity.

If you feel your use of your cell phone actually decreases your productivity at times. Or you find yourself viewing and answering texts, tweets, and emails at all hours of the day and night, even when it means interrupting other things you are doing.

Or you text, email, tweet, or surf the internet while driving or doing other similar activities that require your focused attention and concentration. Then it means you are addicted to your smart phone and the adverse effect is that it reduces your productivity and efficiency.

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