“They Are Telling Lies, I Didn’t Engage Myself” Sugabelly Debunks Self Engagement Rumors

Nigerian writer, artist, inventor and iOS engineer, Lotanna Igwe Odunze, also known as Sugabelly has taken to her official social media account to debunk rumors that she has engaged herself.

Sugabelly who is the brain and inventor behind the Ndebe script writing system for her native language, Igbo, made a tweet about the ring she bought for herself and also promise to love herself forever after wearing the ring on her pinky finger. Her show of self love got lot of fans and bloggers tweeting and writing that she has allegedly engage herself.

“I forgot I bought these rings, and how much I liked them.
The one on my pinky is a promise to love myself even when it’s hard.” Sugabelly tweeted.

After seeing a blog post, Sugabelly took to her comment section to inform her fans on the false news, as she claimed they are all lies.

“The rate at which people just wake up in the morning and tell lies for a “living” in Nigeria is absolutely out of hand.” Sugabelly reacted.

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