Unilag Student Goes Emotional On Social Media After A Live Video Chat With Justin Bieber

A Nigerian social media user by the name Rose Mary took to her social media page to share her excitement after her video chat experience with Canadian singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Justin Drew Bieber.

From their video chat, Justin Bieber could be heard asking Rose Mary about the weather condition in Nigeria, and what she’s studying in school.

Here is how the conversation went between Justin Bieber and Rose Mary:

“Justin Bieber: Hi, what’s your name and where are you from?
Rose Mary: Wow! I’m so excited, My name is Rose Mary and I’m from Nigeria.
Justin Bieber: Rose Mary, that’s a cool name. So how’s the weather in Nigeria and what do you study?
Rose Mary: Political Science, Oh my God, I’m so excited.
Justin Bieber: Can I ask why you’re so emotional?
Rose Mary: You have always being like.., since high school, everyone knew I love Justin Bieber.”

Rose Mary went on to tweet, it was her best day in 2020.

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