Violence Erupts In U.S As Protesters Say All Votes Must Count.

Violence has erupted in Oregon, United States as protesters have demand that all votes must count in the ongoing United States Presidential election.

The riot started in Portland, Oregon’s largest city, as protesters were seen smashing windows. The protesters demanded that every vote must count without undermining the democracy of America.

President Trump had accused Biden of “electoral fraud” and further alleged that the counting of the ballots is characterised by irregularities and vote stealing.

Joe Biden, a Democratic candidate, taking an incredible shot at victory with 264 electoral votes and over 72 million popular votes – the most ever garnered by any presidential candidate in the history of the country.

In an anger-infested Twitter rant, Trump declared that “we will never let them do it” as he declared himself the winner of the election and threatened to head to the Supreme Court to stop the vote-counting exercise.

However, American citizens in Portland saw Trump’s threat as one capable of endangering the towering image of American democracy, hence the protest.

And this has led to them protesting against President Trump’s court threats to stop the vote count in battleground states.

There is mounting anxiety in the United States right now as counting of votes continues with Donald Trump trailing Joe Biden in both popular and electoral college votes .

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