“Why I Gave My Friends $1 million”- Hollywood Actor, George Clooney Reveals

Hollywood actor, George Clooney has confirmed a longstanding rumor that he was able to give 14 of his closest friends $1million each in cash.

In GQ’s Men of the Year issue, the 59-year-old who is worth over $500 million stated that he gave 14 of his closest friends who have helped him in one way or another, $1m each via suitcases full of cash in 2013, after his close friend Rande Gerber first revealed his generosity in 2017.

At that time, Gerber also revealed in an interview that Clooney also paid all the taxes on the money he gave to them.

According to Clooney, it happened before his wedding and he sees it as a way to support them for their love towards him over the years. Speaking to newsmen, Clooney said, in over 35 years, they have helped him in one way or the other when he was broke, and without them, he won’t have had any of what he has.

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